Decorative Pole

China decorative pole general specifications:

1. China decorative pole material: mild steel Q235 with yield strength 235 Mpa. Mild steel Q345 with yield strength 345 Mpa.
2. Welding penetration MIN 60%, American Lincoln welding flux, wire solder and soldering machine (automatic submerged arc welding)
3. nine flutes: external diameter from 185mm to 230mm, thickness 3mm-3.5mm, max length 4000mm.
4. 13 flutes: outer diameter from 100mm to 186mm, thickness 3mm-3.5mm, max length 7500mm.
5. Finish: hot dip galvanized or powder coated.

Detailed will is dependent on customer drawing or detailed description.
We have other style lighting pole: China Round Conical PoleChina Square PoleChina Octagonal PoleChina Step/Necked Pole, China Hinged Pole.

china decorative pole

Common production process:

(1) blanking – (2) bending – (3) welding – (4) repair grinding – (5) shaping – (6) joint head – (7) mounting bottom plate –
(8) welding bottom plate – (9) opening door – (10) Weld bar, electrical strip, rock bottom – (11) bend fork – (12) galvanize – (13) spray – (14) total inspection.

How to match the lamp pole height with different power.

In the case of meeting its road illumination standards
the principle is: The height of the street pole is proportional to the lateral width of the road surface,
approximately 1.2 times the road width, and the distance between the poles is 3.5 times.
At present, the city trunk road, using 400W sodium lamp,
you can use 170W high-efficiency LED street lamp; the lamppost is high at 10-14m;
The secondary highway, using 250W sodium lamp, you can use 120W high-efficiency LED street lamp.
The lighting pole is high at 10-12m Branches, using 150W sodium lamp,
you can use 60W high-efficiency LED street light; rod height is 8-10m.
Note: The above is for reference only, and it also depends on the requirements of the environment.
For now, lighting design software used for pole parameter calculate and simulation.