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China lighting supplier produce lighting poles lighting columns and LED lighting fixture from China;

China lighting supplier Cissr is one of the sub company APPDY industry Co., Ltd.
Has more than 5,000 square meters of factory buildings; meanwhile, we have exceeded 80 employees working for produce and research and development.
According to the actual needs of customers drawings design of round conical polesquare poleoctagonal polestep/necked poledecorative polehinged pole;
Moreover, much of our lighting fixture holds own patent. Also, we have individual five lighting fixture brand.
There is no doubt, we very professional because we have been working on lighting business for more than 20 years;
our goal is to supply our clients quality products with the suitable price;
welcome to buy China lighting pole, China lighting columns, and China LED lighting fixture from us;
our business divided into two section, lighting poles, and LED lighting fixtures.

Lighting pole factory:
China lighting supplier equipment list: steel rolling, plasma cutting, steel bender, submerged welding machine, powder coating line.
Products: round conical polesquare poleoctagonal polestep/necked poledecorative polehinged pole.
Australian and Europe are our lighting pole products primary export market.

LED Lighting fixture factory:
Equipment list: aluminium die casting machine (300-1200Tons), sandblasting, CNC machining, powder coating line, assembling line, lighting test lab.
Products: street lighting, garden lighting, flood lighting, high bay lighting.
Europe and South America are our lighting fixture products primary export market.

For the South American market, we still produce and export HID lighting to our customer. HID street lighting and HID floodlighting. Also HID lighting SKD too.
For HID lighting fixtures, we are working with GE, Cooper and Sylvania and Elecnor.

Contact us at once if you have any comments or inquire. Our staff will come back to you within 12 hours.

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