Square Pole

china square pole specifications:

1. Material: mild steel Q235 with yield strength 235 Mpa. Mild steel Q345 with yield strength 345 Mpa.
2. Welding penetration MIN 60%, American Lincoln welding flux, wire solder and soldering machine (automatic submerged arc welding)
3. Dia 100mm, 127mm, 150mm.
4. china square pole Finish: hot dip galvanized or powder coated.
Detailed will is dependent on customer drawing or detailed description.
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china square pole

What are the requirements for China round conical Pole technology? -Part 2

1. The door has a grounding connection part and electrical installation attachments
2. Entry and the boss gap is not more than 2mm.
3. The doors should have good interchangeability. China square pole door lock adopts non-standard inner triangular or inner pentagonal bolts with built-in anti-theft hinges and cooperates with opening tools.
5. Lighting pole cuts chamfered and polished smooth, without sharp edges, burrs, dents, and the like.

1, all fasteners screws, nuts are stainless steel products
2. 20mm thick steel plate makes the flange. The triangular ribs are connected with the central rod, and the “waist” anchor bolt holes opened.
3. The main cable combined with a unique junction box for street lighting ballast.
4. 2*2.5mm2 copper core sheathed cable is used for the self-contained box to the lamp.

Lamp pole technical test standard:
1. Adhesion test. The cross mark was made of individual adhesive tape 12 times without peeling.
2, galvanized layer thickness test: Take 30 points, take the arithmetic average greater than 86um.
3, salt spray resistance test: 5% NaCl, 35 °C, 96 hours no yellow rust.
4. The uniformity of the thickness of the galvanized layer tested. The copper sulfate impregnation method was used to test the phenomenon of no copper hanging.