Round Conical Pole

China round conical pole (tapered  pole) specifications:

1. China round conical pole material: mild steel Q235 with yield strength 235 Mpa. Mild steel Q345 with yield strength 345 Mpa.
2. Welding penetration MIN 60%, American Lincoln welding flux, wire solder and soldering machine (automatic submerged arc welding)
3. Taper ratio: 10/1000 to 12/1000, 14/1000 to 16/1000.
4. Steel thickness max 6mm.
5. Max dia 320mm, min dia 60mm.
6. Finish: hot dip galvanized or powder coated.
Detailed will is dependent on customer drawing or detailed description.
We have other style lighting pole: China decorative pole, China Square Pole, China Octagonal Pole, China Step/Necked Pole, China Hinged Pole.

china round conical pole

What are the requirements for China round conical Pole technology?

The price of road poles is not the same for every manufacturer.
What are the standard technical requirements for road poles?
1. The light pole is a single-armed light pole. The center of the lighting fixture is 8M, 7M, and 6M from the ground.
2. The lighting pole material adopts Q235A steel (silicon content is not higher than 0.04%) to be formed into a cone at a time,
the thickness is 3.8-4mm (the thickness does not include the thickness of the galvanized layer),
the lighting pole diameter is 60mm, and the lower diameter is 180mm. Outside of the length of 1.4M.

3, the lighting pole is automatic argon arc welding, the surface is smooth, the surface of the rod body is not uneven, uneven, no traces, no apparent defects,
the linear error of the light pole center line does not exceed 0.02% of the rod length.
The lighting pole adopts internal and external hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. The galvanized layer is not less than 75um, and the service life is more than ten years.
4. The pole door adopts plasma cutting, the bottom is 500mm away from the flange, and the welding boss at the door opening has a reasonable operation space.