Octagonal Pole

Octagonal Pole specifications:

1. Octagonal Pole Material: mild steel Q235 with yield strength 235 Mpa. Mild steel Q345 with yield strength 345 Mpa.
2. Welding penetration MIN 60%, American Lincoln welding flux, wire solder and soldering machine (automatic submerged arc welding)
3. Octagonal twisting degree max 4 degrees.
4. Steel thickness max 6mm.
5. Max length 16m one piece.
6. Finish: hot dip galvanized or powder coated.

octagonal pole


High-pole lights are generally used for a spacious street, overpass section, high-pole lighting generally refers to a wide range of lighting applied to the square, ports, docks, playgrounds, airports, parking lots and other light sources can use several or even dozens 400W or 1000whigh high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide or LED light source, lighting distance up to 7000m2 to 15000m2, automatic height of 18-55m.