Step/Necked Pole

Step pole specifications:

1. Step pole materiall: mild steel Q235 with yield strength 235 Mpa. Mild steel Q345 with yield strength 345 Mpa.
2. Welding penetration MIN 60%, American Lincoln welding flux, wire solder and soldering machine (automatic submerged arc welding)
3. Steel thickness max 6mm.
4. Max length 16m one piece.
5. Finish: hot dip galvanised or powder coated.
6. The big pipe can be necked max 3cm to suit small pipe.

Step Pole


Based on the flange of the lamp post, the base of the street lamp shall be used to determine the reinforcement material and diagonal dimensions of the foundation cage.
Then the foundation drawing shall be used for excavation and poured concrete construction.
When the foundation cage buried, the reinforcement threads shall be protected as far as possible so that the lamp post can installed.