M-250 Roadway Luminaire

Approved for public road lighting, footpaths, marinas, industrial and civic areas.
Light Source: HID – High-Pressure Sodium, HID – Metal Halide.
Roadway Lighting 115 Cobrahead. Classics style.
– HPS/MH lights fixture.
– Die casting aluminum body.
– Flat or curved tempered glass lampshade.
– High purity aluminum reflector.


M-250 Roadway Luminaire features:

M-250 Roadway Luminaire SKU no.
Order no. 168511250A is Borosilicate glass.
Order no. 168511250B is curving Tempered glass.
Order no. 168511250C is Tempered flat glass.

-Dimensions: 660*340*265 mm.
-HPS Max 250W, MH max 250W.
Lighting fixture Body: aluminum die-casting.
-Full RAL color.
-Chemically polished aluminum reflector, anodized and sealed.
-Borosilicate glass or Tempered glass.
-The gear and lamp compartment easily accessed.
-Photocontrol receptacle is adjustable without tools.
-High purity reflector one-piece pressed electro polished anodized aluminum.
-Socket: E40 or E27.
-Max 60mm diameter lighting pole.
-Especial lamp holder was better for HPS and MH lamp.
-Socket slip device on the lamp holder.
-Stainless steel clips and screws, the basic design for the fixture and gearbox.
–Cellphoto control base: optional
-Anti-vacuum device.
-M-250 Roadway Luminaire Install height 8m to 10m.